Using Kid's Sports to Encourage Teamwork

Published: 23rd January 2012
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Children generally have a natural affinity for sports activities. A child can have a good time, get great exercise, and learn some amazing teamwork skills if they play a sport. There are some kids who have specific solo sports they enjoy, like tennis or perhaps skiing. But at the same time it's a really good thing when kids participate in teams sports like soccer, basketball, and also baseball. Just a few of the things a child learns when playing sports on a team are how to work well with other kids, how important it really is to cooperate, and how to be a contributing part of a big team. It is usually a good idea for a child to participate in at least one team sport while they are still pretty young, since a child who has not participated in team sports previously at times can feel a little awkward when they do become a part of a sports team when they are older. There is not as much pressure on specific players when children are little, so it is a good way for them to learn to participate in a sport that they have never played before. They might also find the experience to be more enjoyable as soon as they realize that other kids of their age are becoming familiar with the sport for the first time too.

Making Sports Activities a Family Activity

You will want to be able to demonstrate to your child that you support them in their participating in sports as a team. Though attending every single practice and game is not necessary, you should certainly try to go whenever you can. Make a family activity out of going to the games if possible, since this will help your young sports team player build a sense of pride in his or her abilities. It is also a great idea to take plenty of photos at the game. You may even choose to designate a special section of a wall or maybe a shelf just for sports activity pictures, with some of your favorite pictures of them in picture frames. Try to get a variety of shots, ranging from action photos, group team photos, and even some photos of other members of your family watching and enjoying the game.

Keeping Family Memories

You are sure to accumulate sports photos quite rapidly, especially if you have multiple kids participating in team sports or if your one child plays multiple sports. Sometimes you may even get some pictures taken by experts since teams in the little league often have picture packages made of all the teammates. As well as displaying photos in picture frames, you might also want to start a photo scrapbook. When making a scrapbook, it can also be fun to incorporate other sports mementos as well as the photos, like the team roster, ticket stubs, play books or some community or school newspaper articles which were written about your kid's team. Besides being a great way to preserve your memories, these pictures will also be a great reminder to your kid of your love and support for them in playing the sport they love, and of the fact that you care about saving their memories of their youth.

Both you and your youngster will be glad when you put these ideas into action and help your child to do well and enjoy their sports.


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