Transform Old Photographs Into Vintage Wall Art

Published: 18th November 2011
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If you have a box or maybe a drawer of old photographs at home, you've also got the makings of some unique pieces of vintage wall art. You need to take time to pull out some of those great old photographs, utilizing them to decorate your walls and give a little bit of character in your rooms? You may elect to simply display a number of your vintage photographs in picture frames on the walls.Or try some inexpensive and easy techniques to make something imaginative and inventive. Whatever you decide to do, you will certainly love the look that these photographs can give to your house. Following are a few smart ways that you can decorate with vintage photos that may help you get the creative juices flowing.

Oversized Vintage Prints and Posters

Even though many old photos are small in dimensions, you need not limit yourself to smaller pieces of wall art. A good way to enlarge your photos is if you are fortunate enough to still have the negatives for your pictures. However, even though you only have one small print, it is possible to still put it to use as the basis for a bigger piece of art. You can use a scanner to change the picture from the small photo to a large digital file. The file can then be printed on a poster or large photo printer to create a marvelous print or vintage poster.

Photo Collage From Old Pictures

Should you have a number of old photos which might be especially dear to you, you should consider making them into a photo collage. Although there are picture frames designed particularly for the display of multiple photos, it's also possible to work with a scanner, computer graphics software and a printer to generate your own custom photo collage. Begin by accumulating the old photographs you want to make use of. Next, try out your collage layout by getting your photographs and laying over one another in a variety of ways. When you find an arrangement that you're satisfied with, then take a picture of it to have it for future reference. Then, scan the photos, enlarging them if necessary. Then you can print the photos individually, and overlap them and fasten them to a backing board. Or, overlap them digitally making use of your graphics software, so that you just need to print the completed design.

Improving Vintage Photos

On inspection, you may discover that your old pictures have grown to be just a little worse for the wear over the years. If you discover this to be true, you can try to correct them using your computer graphics program. Once you have scanned the photograph, you can use your photo retouching tools which are in the software program to eliminate creases and bends or even to recreate torn areas. Once you have treated your pictures in this way you may be amazed with the results. You can also use the color adjustment controls of the software to generate interesting visual effects. One example of this would be to add an old fashioned sepia tint once you scan a black and white picture. By using these techniques, it is possible to improve the appearance of the vintage photos, without altering the originals.

So, get going and use your imagination. Use your old photos for making yourself some new and delightful vintage wall art.


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