Tips On How To Decorate Your Foyer

Published: 14th November 2011
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The foyer of your dwelling can be a challenging area to decorate because of the fact it won't ordinarily have an intended purpose like your home's other rooms. Some individuals like the foyer's decor to present somewhat of a hint of what's to come in the rest of the house. A few of the issues that must be considered when you are decorating your foyer are being aware of a lot of traffic, making it an easy task to maintain, developing a location for storage of gloves, coats, and also other outdoor gear, and making it a versatile space by choosing furniture that is double-duty.

Creating a Romantic Foyer

If you want a romantic foyer, then begin with some fresh cut flowers inside a vase on your hall or entry table. Greenery can give your bouquet an even more romantic feel.

You are able to tuck some of your best vacation or family photos inside a mirror's framed edge if you have one.

Scented candles, changed with the seasons can be handy and lit every once in a while.

To get a special touch, take a passage from a book or maybe a favorite saying and print it on some special paper, then mat it with a color which is a shade darker than the wall color, then hang it inside a lovely picture frame.

Designing an Eclectic Foyer

Take a bold color that you love and paint the walls with it.

Create a grouping of found objects on your table, like rocks, pine cones, or shells. Place your objects together in an untraditional holder, such as a crystal bowl or perhaps a silver candy dish.

Enlarge your favorite photograph, place it in a handsome wooden picture frame and set it on your foyer table or hang it on the wall. You might also frame some maps of favorite places that you've visited in deep green or pale blue picture frames.

Making a Contemporary Foyer

Frame some of your favorite family photographs in similar silver picture frames that are diverse sizes and display on the entry table.

Take one of your beloved objects, like a sculpture, a vase, or possibly a piece of pottery, and put it in "center stage" on your shelf or maybe a table

Keep your artwork simple and target only one piece that is important instead of numerous pieces.

The Traditional Foyer

Wallpaper your foyer walls with a historical paper that features your selected colors.

On top of a console, cluster family pictures, all in black or white or sepia, in old-fashioned picture frames.

Install mahogany shelves to showcase collections of items that you're interested in, such as paperweights or tea cups. Group those items by color, shape, size, and material for that traditional symmetrical or uniform look.

Utilize wall sconces for attractive foyer lighting. You can even then add drama to your area by placing up lights that can illuminate a corner plant.

Make a Serene Foyer

If space allows, you can use a simple chair along with a couple of piles of books placed next to it to produce a private reading nook. You can even put several of your favorite books inside your foyer on a small bookcase.

To create a peaceful contrast on your foyer table, put a collection of smooth black stones in a bowl or maybe a white dish.

To get a serene look you can arrange five bud vases which are identical on a table or perhaps a shelf, then put an individual flower into each one.

Mat and frame in a simple white wooden picture frame a poster, piece of art, or image that moves you and put it in your foyer where you can appreciate it each time you leave or return.

So, figure out what style you like and decorate your foyer. You're going to love the results!


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