Picture Frame Hardware - Tips You Should Know When Buying a Frame

Published: 23rd October 2009
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Have you every bought the perfect frame only to realize it didn't include the picture frame hardware you needed to display it? Well you're not alone. Most people only pay attention to the appearance of the frame and never think about checking to see how it can be displayed. Here you'll learn what picture frame hardware to look for so you'll never be disappointed again.

It is important to know how you want to display your frame before you start your search for the perfect picture frame. Not all frames can be hung on a wall or displayed on a table top. So, knowing how it will be displayed is the most important consideration before you buy a picture frame.

If you want to display your picture frame on a nightstand or stable, then an easel back stand is what you'll need. Easel back stands have a built in stand that allows your picture to stand by itself on a flat surface. The frame will rest on the stand at a slight back-leaning angle.

Most ready-made picture frames come with an easel back for displaying the frame both horizontally and vertically. However, some very inexpensive frames may not come with an easel back stand and are only made to hang on a wall. If that is what you have purchased and you want your picture frame displayed on a flat surface, you can purchase a separate stand-alone easel. With a stand-alone easel, the picture frame is placed on the easel and held in place with a simple or decorative edge. Most stand-alone easels are available in either a wood or metal finish and can hold a variety of picture frame sizes depending upon if you want a floor or a table top easel.

With many ready made picture frames, they include both hanging hardware and an easel back stand so you can choose how you want to best display it. However, there are some ready made frames that are made to only be displayed on a table top. These frames are usually small decorative frames that have a velvet back or a lacquered wood finish that don't come with hanging hardware.

There are also those ready made frames that are designed to only be hung on a wall. Generally they hang on a wall because of their large size or shape and usually include built-in wall hanging hardware on the back of the frame. This hardware might be a built in frame ring or a triangular loop on the back, which makes hanging your picture frame easy.

Two Types of Hanging Hardware

If you have selected a picture frame that doesn't have wall hanging picture frame hardware, don't be discouraged. You have a couple of options. You can install the hardware yourself or have a custom framer do it for you for a fee. If you opt to do it yourself, be sure you select the right picture frame hardware. Your choices are either saw tooth hangers or eye hooks that require stringing a wire between the eye hooks.

1) Sawtooth Hangers: If you want the easiest hardware to install then saw tooth hangers are the best choice. Once you have the hanger centered and straight on the back of the frame, hammer in two small nails, and you are ready to hang your picture frame. Another important tip is that you should always use the short picture frame nails that come with the hanger otherwise you could damage the frame with longer nails.

2) Eye Hooks: Eye hooks are a little more difficult because they require screwing two eye hooks to either side of the frame and stretching a wire between them. The tricky part of this is getting the eye hooks evenly spaced and secured on the sides of the frame; then cutting the right amount of wire so the frame will hang flat against the wall. Careful measuring will help make for a satisfactory end result.

By always checking the back of your picture frame, you'll always know that you've picked out a frame that can be displayed just the way you want.


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