Personal Injury Car Accident Victim: Do You Know Your Rights?

Published: 06th February 2012
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Were you injured in a car accident or some other traffic accident? If you are, contacting a qualified auto accident lawyer is a vital initial step. Accident victims have rights. Simply put, the goal of filing a claim for a personal injury motor vehicle accident injury is to return you to the same condition you would be in - had the accident never happened. What this means is restoring your mental and physical health, along with returning your financial health to its former state. Further, your claim can seek restoration of your automobile or other vehicle, and any personal property which was damaged as a result of the accident.

Do Not Get Railroaded by Big Insurance Companies

It is quite essential for you to know what your rights are if you are an accident victim as the at-fault party might be represented by a big insurance provider that has a reputation for railroading the victim if possible. Insurance firms realize that victims of personal injuries caused by accidents on the streets tend to be running short on cash, particularly if their injuries have kept them from working. If there is no cash coming in then medical bills along with expenses can pile up. This makes any settlement that is offered look quite attractive. Your car accident lawyer can help you comprehend the offer, and also tell you if the offer is one that you ought to accept, depending on your injuries and damages.

Your rights following an auto accident include:

- The right to get your car repaired and returned to the condition it had been in before the accident.

- The right to the fair market replacement valuation on your motor vehicle if the damage is determined to be a total loss.

- The right to be reimbursed for losing the use of your car or truck while it's being repaired. This usually means the insurance provider of the at-fault driver will pay for your rental car.

- The right to be given money for any property that was destroyed or damaged due to the accident, including glasses, clothing, tools and much more.

- The right to be paid for the reduction of income or loss in other money that you would have obtained if your accident had never occurred.

- The right to good care by competent physicians without paying anything from your own pocket.

- The right to be reimbursed for the cost of going to and from the medical appointments.

- The right to be compensated for any physical injuries, mental stress and emotional stress that the accident causes. For example, if you develop the fear of driving, it is mental stress, and you ought to be compensated for this.

- The right for a reasonable settlement for any handicaps or permanent issues that your accident is responsible for.

- The right to keep the damaged auto should you choose to do this.

- The right to recoup any towing and storage fees on your motor vehicle.

- The right to be compensated for the suffering and pain that the accident causes.

- The right to be reimbursed upfront for all future extended care or medical assistance.

Contact your vehicle accident lawyer right after your car or truck accident to be able to preserve your rights.


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