Panoramic Picture Frames - What You Need to Know

Published: 02nd October 2009
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If you love traveling or taking landscape photos, chances are good that you've taken quite a few panoramic pictures. Panoramic photos have become increasingly more popular with digital photography because it's increased the options available to take this format. Nowadays, panoramic picture frames are found in most photographers' homes. Learn all about panoramic picture frames and why you should consider using this popular and fun frame.

So, why are panoramic picture frames so popular among picture enthusiasts?

- They are a unique and fun way to take breathtaking vistas and tall landscapes like the Statue of Liberty.

- They offer an artistic, non-standard shape that adds a unique look to your picture wall. Instead of the common rectangular shape, a panoramic frame adds a unique shape to wherever you want to display it.

- They are a less expensive option to framing a custom panoramic print. Many times panoramic photos are taken because the object is tall or is a breathtaking vista or view. And a panoramic picture frame is your best alternative to avoiding the higher price tag of a custom frame.

Before you buy a panoramic picture frame here are a few things you should know.

Panoramic Photo Basics-

There are several ways to take panoramic pictures. You can use a digital camera with a panoramic setting, a panoramic Advanced Photo System (APS) film camera or you can digitally "stitch" together multiple photos together to make a panoramic image.

Panoramic photos got their start with film cameras and APS film, so there are a few standard panoramic picture sizes available to fit that format. But now with digital cameras and image "stitching" software, panoramic sizes aren't limited to the old APS film so you can find panoramic frames in a few other sizes.

If you want to frame your panoramic photo there are only a couple types to choose from with ready made panoramic photo frames. Panoramic photo frames come in three common sizes 3.5x10, 4x10 and 4x12. Most panoramic styles are exceptionally simple with simple, clean lines and come in either metal or wood finishes. The most popular panoramic photo frame is wood because it's available in a wide variety of stained colors and can help compliment the tones in your image. This gives your picture frame a more custom look without the custom frame price tag.

With the variety of colors and classic simple style of panoramic frames they will compliment almost any decor and will look great with your favorite panoramic picture. So despite the decreasing availability of APS film, panoramic picture frames won't be disappearing anytime soon. So keep on taking lots of panoramic photos and have fun using these creative, fun frames to decorate your home.


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