How To Hang Picture Frames

Published: 05th July 2011
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There are many methods in which picture frames may be hung. There are also a great number of what to consider if you are trying to determine where you should hang them and which formation to hang them in. Another consideration is lighting, if you're considering showcasing a piece (or maybe more) of artwork once they're on the wall. The main focus in this article will be on the hardware that you'll use for hanging your artwork.

Fittings and Fixtures

More often than not when you want to hang a picture on your wall you will end up utilizing a combination hooks and wire, using the wire or some picture cord tied between your hooks on the back of a wooden picture frame. Additionally, you will need to fasten a hook onto your wall that the artwork will hang from, and it should be secure and rated for the weight of your frame.

If a frame is small to mediium sized, then use small screw eyes, or you can use screw rings, which is a screw eye that has a ring attached to it. For medium to heavy large picture frames, D-rings must be used and screwed to the frame.

If you have particularly heavy frames, then you can use glass plates to hang them. Glass plates will show in the front of your frame, and they're screwed to the wall and to the back of the frame.

You must think about the kind of wall that your picture is going to be hung on - drywall, stucco, concrete, etc.

Normally, an X hook or a double X hook matched for the weight of the picture frame being hung should be sufficient. If your wall is solid, then you definitely can use the nails that come furnished with the X hooks, since they will be quite strong and will be capable to penetrate your solid walls, but if your wall is not solid then you'll need to use a wall anchor. In such cases, use a double X hook and screw through the heart-shaped hole in the center of the hook.

A picture rail can be another option. You can get specially designed rail hooks to hang your artwork from the picture rail - this helps save your walls from receiving many holes. All that you need to perform is attach your chain, cord, or picture wire to the back side of your picture frame.

Choosing Cord or Wire

Most of the time you should use picture wire or picture cord to hold your frames. Both are strong, so one isn't necessarily superior to another. The biggest difference between the two is the fact that when you attach the wire to the back of the frame, you wrap it around itself to secure it whilst the cord needs to be tied using a reef knot. In case you are not very good at tying knots, your most suitable choice will be the picture wire. Chain is not as widely used, but it can be a good alternative for wire or cord.

The Way To Attach the Fittings

To start, you need to measure from the top of the frame and make a pencil mark about one quarter of the way down on both sides of your frame. Next, you'll be drilling a small pilot hole at each of those points, and you have to make certain they aren't too close to the side. Be sure to make your holes in the thickest section of the wood if the frame is sloped or uneven.

One great tip which will help make this process easier can be placing a little bit of soap or candle wax on the thread of the screw eye or screw. Rubbing the screw on a candle or bar of soap prevents the screw rings or screw eyes from weakening or breaking. Just screw the rings into place.

If you work with picture wire, cut yourself a length that is twice the length between your eyes or rings. Initially you loop the wire through the hangings while leaving equal excess amounts on each side, you then take the wire and double loop it through the picture hanging wrap it around itself near the center of the frame. Don't pull the wire too tight; you will need a bit of slack so there's not excess strain on the wire when it's hanging from the wall.

When you use picture cord, you need to measure the distance in between the two hangers, then double it, then add 8 inches to get the final measurement. Thread the cord through each hanging then tie a reef knot to secure the cord.

Now you know all the steps and tips for how to successfully hang your own picture frames.


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