How To Arrange Pictures on the Wall

Published: 30th March 2011
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If you are wanting to decide just what the best way to arrange pictures on the wall can be, current trends, personal preference, and conventional wisdom can all help you to decide. Here are several guidelines to help you get rolling.

One Single, Large Frame

When you hang a substantial picture alone, you'll be able to provide it with importance and it will command your wall. Make sure you pay attention to scale; this usually can only work well with a fairly large picture frame.

Multiple Frames of the Same Size

Around the mid twentieth century, a well known strategy to hang pairs of framed pictures was in a diagonal arrangement, slightly overlapping. Lots of people prefer, however, for pairs of frames to be hung symmetrically either beside each other or vertically, with one aligned above another.

Groups of Three Frames

Sets of three frames are typically hung symmetrically, but they don't need to be. An example is when you may have some colorful frames that will decorate a child's bedroom, and you may put them in diagonal line, or with two outside frames level with one another and a middle frame either slightly lower or slightly higher. You can even develop a nice symmetrical "L" shape by hanging one frame directly under another, and placing a third one to the right of your first one.

When You've Got Four or more Frames

For those who have a grouping of four or more frames which are the same size, then your usual arrangement is in a rectangular or square block pattern or even in a line. If you're hanging pictures that are not a "set" and so are different sizes, then here are a few additional tips:

Creating a Picture Wall

Groupings of mixed sizes and styles are incorporated into a cohesive design on your picture wall. The frames can be the same style or united with a theme, for example all black or all silver picture frames; however, these types of groupings often will include a mixture of styles and colors additionally. You'll be able to incorporate a variety of art into a picture wall, like travel photos, sports paraphernalia, or family photographs. Some picture walls even incorporate other things like small mirrors, sconces, or other accessories.

There's no one best layout for your picture wall, but you will find several guidelines. A grouping looks more natural if the items end up with a slightly random appearance. However, try and produce a dose of symmetry without making it look symmetrical - to accomplish this, line up the top or bottom of the frame with its neighbor. Adding a variety of frames and separating frames that have thin and thick sides will help to make sure that the grouping looks balanced by making sure that there's not one area that appears too light or too heavy. Don't space the frames apart too much; usually 2 to 4 inches apart is best. Should they be more than four inches apart, then a single picture will look like it is actually not a part of the grouping.

Lastly, pay attention to the overall form of the arrangement - the outer border, whenever possible, should form a roughly symmetrical shape, like a rectangle or oval. You can check this out by pretending to draw a shape surrounding the grouping on the wall, and see if the frames would appear to be balanced in the shape. If so, you should have yourself a nice picture wall arrangement. If they are not, it's time for some serious tweaking.


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