Common Electrical Box Problems

Published: 19th October 2011
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In the event that you have any problems with your electrical boxes, this may be an extremely dangerous situation, so it is crucial to fix any concerns that you might have. If you're a typical do-it-yourselfer, it is likely that you can repair the problem yourself without the help of an electrical contractor. However, you should remember that electric box problems can cause a great deal of damage, like a fire, therefore it is crucial to make repairs properly. Should you be unfamiliar with electric repairs or are not sure that you are able to complete them properly, the best thing for you to do is to make a call to a licensed electrician. Here are a few of the most common electrical box issues that you could find as being a problem in your home.

Cover Plates That Are Missing

Even though this might seem like a minor issue, missing cover plates can occasionally cause unexpected problems. The reason that the cover is there is to protect the wiring in the electrical box, and you need to ensure that if repairs are performed to the junction box, that the cover is replaced. When the cover plate is not securely attached, a mouse or other small rodent might get into the box and chew on the wiring. An electrical fire is often caused by frayed wiring, hence the best solution would be to make certain that the cover plates are securely installed.

Making Use of Electrical Tape Inside Electrical Boxes

Although electrical tape is normally used as a temporary fix when fixing the wiring within an electrical box, it must never be regarded as a final solution. Eventually, electrical tape will naturally deteriorate, which will cause bare wiring becoming exposed. Bare wiring inside an electrical box can be extremely dangerous, often resulting in a fire. The ideal way to repair the wiring inside of an electrical box is using electrical wire caps, not with tape.

Light Fixtures That Have Been Installed With No Junction Box

Occasionally you'll find improperly installed lighting fixtures that don't include a junction box as part of the installation. Whether or not the wiring looks like it's sound, this may be a very dangerous situation. Junction boxes serve as a barrier between the wires and flammable wall or ceiling materials like drywall or wood. When this barrier isn't in position, then the slightest electrical arc or spark can start a fire. If you discover a light fixture that has been installed without any junction box, then you should take the steps needed to remove it. Once you've reinstalled the junction box properly, then you can replace the light fixture. Should you not feel safe installing a new junction box, calling a licensed electrician is usually your best option.

Overcrowded Junction Boxes

It can be extremely common, especially in older homes, for junction boxes to become overcrowded. If new outlets, switches or fixtures have been installed over the years, often there is a chance that they were simply tied to the existing junction boxes. The likelihood of overheating are greater when a great number of wires have been added to the boxes, which may result in a fire. Although the quantity of heat given off by one wire is usually negligible, the existence of multiple wires can greatly add to the total quantity of heat inside the box. Any time you discover that you possess an electrical box that controls multiple fixtures, outlets, or switches, it would be best if you speak with an electrician about installing additional boxes.

Hopefully these tips will help you better trouble shoot your electrical box problems so you can figure out if it's something you can fix yourself or if you need to call a licensed electrician.


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